Ford County Geohydrology

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Ground Water


Well Records

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Records of Typical Wells

On the following pages are tabulated the information obtained in regard to water wells in Ford County (table 15). The numbers in the first column correspond to the well numbers on the maps (plates 2 and 3) and in the table of analyses (table 14). The wells are listed in order by townships from north to south and by ranges from east to west. Within a township the wells are listed in the order of the sections. Depths of wells and water levels that were reported rather than measured are given only to the nearest foot. Depths of wells not classed as "reported" are given to the nearest 0.1 foot below the measuring point described in the table, and measured water levels are given to the nearest 0.01 foot. Records are included of a few wells in adjoining counties.

T. 24 S. || T. 25 S. || T. 26 S. || T. 27 S. || T. 28 S. || T. 29 S. || T. 30 S.

Table 15--Records of typical wells in Ford County, Kansas, continued.

No. on plate 2 and plate 3 Location Owner or tenant Type of well (1) Depth of well (2) (feet) Diameter of well (in.) Type of casing (3) Principal water-bearing bed Method of lift (4) Use of water (5) Measuring point Depth to water level below measuring point (feet) Date of measurement Remarks (Yield given in gallons a minute; drawdown in feet)
Character of material Geologic horizon Description Height above (+) or below (-) land surface (feet) Height above sea level
T. 30 S., R. 22 W. (11)
526 SW corner NW 1/4 sec. 5 M.J. Tipton Dr 93.3 5.5 GI Sand and gravel Rexroad Cy, W D, S Top of casing, north side +0.4 2440.2 89.86 7/22/39  
T. 30 S., R. 23 W. (11)
527 NE 1/4 NE 1/4 sec. 6 E.F. Houff Dr 156.1 5.5 GI Sand and gravel Rexroad Cy, W D, S Top of casing, south side +0.7 2557.4 142.78 6/28/39  
T. 30 S., R. 24 W. (11)
528 NE 1/4 NE 1/4 sec. 2 T.E. Scott Dr 152.1 5.5 GI Sand and gravel Rexroad Cy, W N Top of casing, east side +0.4 2562.3 137.66 6/18/39 Unused domestic and stock well
529 NE 1/4 NW 1/4 sec. 4 W.O. Rogers Dr 140.3 5.5 GI Sand and gravel Rexroad Cy, W N Top of casing, north side +0.7 2568.2 114.33 6/28/39 Unused domestic and stock well
T. 30 S., R. 25 W. (11)
530 NW corner SW 1/4 sec. 2 Phoenix Jt. Stock Land Bank Dr 103.9 5 GI Sand and gravel Rexroad Cy, W N Top of casing, north side +1.3 2572 88.75 6/27/39 Unused stock well
T. 30 S., R. 26 W. (12)
531 NW 1/4 SW 1/4 sec. 5 W.A. Ellson Dr 210 16 OW Sand and gravel Rexroad and/or Dakota T, G I Top of 22-inch oil-barrel form in round concrete base +0.5 2538.4 21.4 6/21/39 Measured yield, 1938, 900, drawdown 30.6 (8)
1. DD, dug and drilled; Dr, drilled; Du, dug
2. Reported depths below the land surface are given in feet; measured depths are given in feet and tenths below measuring points
3. B, brick; BS, boiler steel; C, concrete; CR, concrete rings; GI, galvanized iron; GP, galvanized pipe; I, iron; OB, oil barrels; OW, oil well; R, rock; T, tile; TW, tractor wheels; W, wood; WI, wrought iron
4. Method of lift: A, air lift; C, horizontal centrifugal; Cy, cylinder; F, natural flow; GL, gas lift; N, none; P, plunger type; Pr, pressure; R, removed; T, turbine; VC, vertical centrifugal
5. A, air-conditioning; D, domestic; I, irrigation; In., industrial (other than cooling of air-conditioning); N, none; P, public supply; S, stock
6. Situated in Hodgeman County
7. Situated in Edwards County
8. Pumping test conducted and results furnished by the Division of Water Resources, Kansas State Board of Agriculture
9. Water level in feet above measuring point
10. Situated in Gray County
11. Situated in Clark County
12. Situated in Meade County

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