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Kansas Geological Survey, Open-File Rept. 91-1a
Pre-Graneros Paleogeography--Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Start and Abstract

Core Retrieval, Collection of Drill Cuttings, and Geophysical Logging Operations

Regional Sequence Stratigraphy
Cheyenne Sandstone
Kiowa Formation
Dakota Formation
Regional Sequence Stratigraphy

Regional Geologic Structures

Stratigraphy of the Three Boreholes

Comparison of Surface and Subsurface Sections in Central Kansas
Kiowa Formation and Cheyenne Sandstone
Dakota Formation

Paleogeographic Implications for Central Kansas


Appendix 1. Stratigraphy of Kenyon #1 Core

Appendix 2. Stratigraphy of Gaydusek WII Core

Appendix 3. Stratigraphy of KGS #1 Jones Core

Appendix 4. Braun #1 and #1 Brungardt Borehole Geophysical Log Suites

Appendix 5. Stratigraphy of Haberer Test Hole


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