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Core Retrieval, Collection of Drill Cuttings, and Geophysical Logging Operations

Three test-hole sites were drilled during FY90 in Lincoln, Republic, and Washington counties, north-central Kansas, just west of the outcrop belt of the strata that comprise the Dakota aquifer (Figure 1). All the test holes were cored and logged. One test hole, the Haberer, was cored and logged during FY89. Each of these test holes was cored using a wire-line coring device that allowed for the continuous collection of 2-in. (0.8 cm.) diameter core samples of the strata penetrated while drilling. Core recovery was highest in the more consolidated mudstone-rich and cemented sandstone portions of the pre-Graneros section and poorest in the thicker sections of friable sandstone. On completion of the coring, each test hole was logged by Schlumberger, a commercial geophysical-logging company, using a diverse combination of tools to provide lithodensity, porosity, and fluid properties information. Two other test holes, the #1 Brungardt (drilled in FY89) and the Braun #1 (drilled in FY87), were drilled and logged but not cored. Interpretation of the strata penetrated by the test hole was from cuttings collected while the holes were being drilled. Logging runs were made to produce spectral and conventional gamma-ray spontaneous potential, shallow and deep spherically focused induction, photoelectric absorption, neutron-density, and gamma-gamma density logs of each borehole.

Figure 1. Geographic location of the FY90 and other test holes in the Dakota Aquifer of Kansas.

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