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WinSeis© software was developed at the Kansas Geological Survey to process seismic data for imaging seismic reflections. The first version of the software (known as Eavesdropper) was built in 1991 and has been improved over the years, turning it into a robust, reliable, and inexpensive software.

Currently shipping WinSeis 1.8

We offer WinSeis 1.8 Demo (30-day provisional license for free) for software evaluation, WinSeis 1.8 ExtraLite (with a 90-day provisional license) and WinSeis 1.8 (with a dongle and no time limit). Free v1.8 upgrade to dongle (e.g., SurfSeis) owners. See How to order WinSeis and Pricing and Shipping for additional information.

[ NEW ]

WinSeis 1.8 Tutorial and Quick Start Guide

A WinSeis 1.8 tutorial and quick start guide, published in August 2020, are now available on the Tutorial page.

WinSeis 1.8 is an enhanced version of WinSeis Turbo (v1.52).

WinSeis 1.8 includes a new processing engine, WSeis.exe, with enhanced features that include:

  • A Windows user interface to replace the previous Command Prompt (a.k.a., DOS-style) interface.
  • New USB "dongle" licensing protection, which provides greater flexibility for users.
  • Additional processing commands for:
    • Inverse NMO
    • Additional NMO terms
    • Extended residual statics
    • Depth conversion, and more
  • A fixed *SORT command for the main engine wseis.exe. There is no longer need to use wsort.exe as a standalone application in order to apply geometry (i.e., assign location information to data trace headers). The wsort.exe module can still be used for special operations, however, such as physically removing "killed" traces from a data set.

WinSeis 1.8 also includes

  • Improvements for many .exe modules (e.g., Velocity Scans, Velocity Analysis, Filter, etc.)
  • Sample data set with corresponding .dek files that are companions to the EavesTutorial.pdf file. (The tutorial and data can also be downloaded.)
  • The .dek file extension has been associated with WinSeis. As a result of this change, a .dek file can be processed just by double clicking it from Windows Explorer (part of Windows).

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10

WinSeis 1.8 runs under Windows XP - Windows 10. Three modules (optional for the processing) will run only under Windows XP or older. Users can install Windows Virtual PC (WinXP mode) and run those modules from the virtual PC. We will be offering replacements for these modules in the near future.

Free SurfSeis Demo?

Once you have a copy of WinSeis 1.8 with a dongle (or a dongle from any other KGS software), you can receive the two-day SurfSeis 6.7 demo for free. If you have a KGS dongle and want the SurfSeis Demo, please contact us for details. (Please provide the number on the tag attached to your dongle.) You can read about the SurfSeis 6.7 Demo here.