WinSeis 1.8 Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are the data input limits for WinSeis 1.8?

There are no formal limitations. However, header-word numbers cannot exceed 32768 because of the header format limitation. This limitation affects the following parameters:

  • The total number of shots.
  • The number of samples per traces.
  • The number of traces per shot.
  • The Shot and Receiver station numbers.
  • The CMP #. This number is formed by the sum of the Shot and Receiver stations. If these stations are above 16001, for example, because you had line #16, then at some combination of station #s they would become greater than 32768 and be wrongly written into the header.

2) Can two KGS-format files be copied together?

Yes, if you have several KGS files you can combine them into one file by using the dos COPY command as follows:

COPY file1.kgs /b + file2.kgs /b + .... + fileN.kgs /b = allFiles.kgs

where /b indicates 'binary'. And again, all of the above files need to have the same parameters (trace length, sampling interval, etc.).

Note: if the above input files had gone through SORT (they have geometry information into their headers) the header words 82, 83, 84, and 85 of the output file (allFiles.kgs) need to be updated. If this is not done, some processes (such as *AUTS) may fail to run because they use these words for memory allocation.

3) *AUTS command fails.

See note in FAQ #2

4) Modules that run only under Windows XP...

The modules migr.exe, decon.exe, and hplot.exe currently do not run under Windows 7 and later. We plan to offer replacements for these three modules in the near future. In the meantime, users can install Windows Virtual PC (WinXP mode) and run those modules from the virtual PC. We provide legacy conversion routines for a number of old data formats. These utilities will also need to be run in XP mode.

5) I received "Error: Ran Out of Disc Space While Writing" message.

Problem: Input or output file name too long.
Solution: Filepath must be equal to or smaller than 56 characters.