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Demo Information

The SurfSeis demo is now the full SurfSeis 6.7 software, but shipped with a single two-day license.

If you have a KGS USB dongle (from any of our software), you can receive the two-day SurfSeis 6.7 demo for free. Please contact us for details.

This new demo is offered at the price of $250 (to cover dongle costs) plus applicable shipping and handling costs (see below for information on shipping). The clock on this two-day license starts when the dongle is plugged in at the same time that the SurfSeis 6.7 program is started, and the clock cannot be paused once it starts. To be safe, do not plug in the dongle if you are not ready to work with the demo. We will not replace "lost" demo licenses, so please be careful you do not accidentally start the clock if you are not ready to work with the demo.

The $250 demo cost can be credited toward subsequent purchase of any dongle-protected KGS seismic software (e.g., WinSeis or SurfSeis), provided you have the dongle from the demo available so it can be updated to the new software.

Demos must be paid for before they are shipped. The Kansas Geological Survey accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express credit cards. Payment can also be sent via electronic bank transfer, but for that option there is an additional $25 wire fee.

Shipping for SurfSeis Demo

Demos must now be shipped so that the package is trackable. Our preferred method of shipping outside the U.S. is Federal Express International Priority (or FedEx Int'l Economy). If you can provide your FedEx or UPS account number to cover shipping costs, we will forego any handling charges. Within the U.S., demos are trackable via FedEx, UPS, or USPS Registered Mail.


  1. Recent dongle driver (as of 2024-02-16) can be downloaded from the following link: Windows GUI Runtime Installer 9.16
  2. ReadMe file for SurfSeis 2.0 (Acrobat PDF file, 220 k) Oct. 2006
  3. User Manual for SurfSeis 2.0 (Acrobat PDF file, 8 megs)
  4. SurfSeis 1.0 Demo Manual (Acrobat PDF file, 5 megs)
  5. DOS program to convert SEG2 data for use in SurfSeis. (March 20, 2001)

Jan. 2002 SEGY2FPT.EXE replacement

This is a repaired version of the SEGY2FPT program. No other files are needed for this program to run. Please replace your existing copy.