WinSeis Capabilities

The familiar mouse-driven architecture of Windows(tm) makes WinSeis© an extremely user friendly package with the reliability and accuracy of tried and true Eavesdropper!

Standard processing operations

  • Both time and frequency domain digital filtering (bandpass, -reject, notch)
  • Trace and record editing
  • Trace balancing
  • Normal moveout correction (multi-function)
  • Trace mute (wavelet surgical and first arrival)
  • Trace removal (automatic or manual)
  • Interactive sorting (gather traces according to any header word)
  • CDP stacking
  • Statics (datum, automatic surface consistent, residual, bulk, user defined)
  • Depth conversion

Analysis routines

  • Velocity--constant velocity stack or gather, realtime interactive velocity picking
  • Spectral--frequency/amplitude, filter characteristics, simultaneous comparative display
  • Enhancement processing
  • Deconvolution (spiking, auto-predictive)
  • F-k migration
  • F-k filter

Data display

  • Supports high resolution plotting
  • Black and white plotting and screen view options
  • Automatic display of processing history
  • Uses existing Windows printer drivers, so printing is possible to most printers

Stand-alone operations

  • Resampling (1/2, 1/4, 1/8, . . .)
  • Trace shorting (reduce record length)
  • Trace header display and alteration
  • Reverse trace polarity
  • Reverse trace order

Minimum hardware requirements

  • Pentium 4 500 MHz or better
  • Windows XP or later
  • 10 GB hard drive
  • 512 MB memory
  • CD/DVD drive
  • USB port (for security dongle)
  • SVGA video graphics or better
  • Mouse

Conversion routines presently available

  • ABEM Teraloc
  • Bison--9000, 7000 and Geopro
  • Geometrics--StrataView, 2401, 2420, Geoflex, Seisview, and Easidisk
  • OYO--McSeis 160M/170, DAS
  • I/O DHR--2400
  • SEG-Y (floating point & integer)
  • SEG-2 (Bison, Geometrics, OYO)
  • SEG-B (demultiplexing requires appropriate hardware)
  • Scintrex
  • Conversions from SEG-2 to SEG-Y and from WinSeis to SEG-Y also included

On-line, context sensitive help files