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Forest City Basin

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General features and relations of rocks of pre-Cambrian and Cambrian age

Rocks of Cambrian age

Lamotte sandstone

Bonneterre dolomite

Potosi dolomite

Eminence dolomite

Proctor dolomite

Rocks of Ordovician age

Van Buren formation

Gasconade dolomite

Roubidoux formation

Jefferson City and Cotter dolomites

St. Peter sandstone

Post-St. Peter and pre-Maquoketa formations

Plattin limestone and Decorah shale

Kimmswick limestone

Maquoketa shale

Rocks of Silurian age

Chimneyhill limestone

Oolitic zone

White chert zone

Foraminiferal zone

Drusy quartz zone


Rocks of Devonian age

General description

Middle Devonian limestones of Cooper and younger age

Rocks of Devonian or Mississippian age

Chattanooga shale

Rocks of Mississippian age

Kinderhookian series

Chouteau limestone

Gilmore City limestone

Osagian series

Burlington and Keokuk limestones (undifferentiated)

Meramecian series

Warsaw limestone

Spergen limestone

St. Louis limestone

Ste. Genevieve limestone

Post-Mississippian cave deposits

Rocks of Pennsylvanian age

Desmoinesian series

Cherokee shale

Marmaton group

Missourian series

Bourbon group

Bronson, Kansas City, and Lansing groups

Pedee group

Virgilian series

Douglas group

Shawnee group

Wabaunsee group

Rocks of Permian age

Wolfcampian series

Admire group

Council Grove group

Chase group

Rocks of Quaternary age

Pleistocene series

Glacial till


Structural Development of the Forest City Basin and Adjacent Areas

The use of isopachous maps to determine structural deformation

Regional deformation between the beginning of Cambrian time and the end of St. Peter time

Regional deformation from the end of St. Peter time to the end of Maquoketa time

Regional deformation from the end of Maquoketa time to pre-Chattanooga peneplanation

Regional deformation indicated by the thickness of the Chattanooga shale

Early Mississippian deformation

The Nemaha anticline

Deformation of the post-Mississippian peneplain

Regional deformation during the Pennsylvanian

Post-Pennsylvanian structural movements

Structural Development of Anticlines

Northwestward trending folds

Stratigraphic Traps


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Kansas Geological Survey, Forest City Basin
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