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Ground-water Resources of Kansas

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Importance of ground-water resources

Geological conditions affecting occurrence of ground water

Nature and distribution of ground water

Ground-water reservoirs

Relation to reservoirs above ground

Water movement and storage in the soil zone

Water below the soil zone

Effect of size of underground cavities

Bedrock reservoirs

Reservoirs in stream deposits

Filling ground-water reservoirs

Amount and distribution of rainfall

Nature of reservoir and cover

Nature of intake area

Effects of evaporation and transpiration

Conservation efforts

Underground movement of water

Unconfined movement in rocks and sediments

Movement in porous rock confined by impervious layers

Quantity of water obtainable from ground-water reservoirs

Quality of ground waters

Ground-water investigations by the Geological Survey in Kansas

Water-bearing formations of Kansas

Unconsolidated formations

Residual soils and mantle rock


Glacial deposits


Dune sand

Consolidated (bedrock) formations

Tertiary system

Cretaceous system

Permian system

Carboniferous system

Ordovician and Cambrian systems

Ground-water regions of Kansas

Eastern Kansas region

A-1, Cherokee district

A-2, Neosho district

A-3, Woodson district

A-4, Lyon district

A-5, Butler district

A-6, Marion district

A-7, Jackson district

North-central Kansas region

B-1, Ellsworth district

B-2, Osborne district

South-central Kansas region

C-1, Sumner district

C-2, Harper district

C-3, Comanche district

Western Kansas region

D-1, McPherson district

D-2, Stafford district

D-3, Greeley district

D-4, Meade district

D-5, Scott district

D-6, Stanton district

Alluvial deposits


Ground water in the McPherson district, Kansas, by S. W. Lohman

Occurrence of ground water in Ford County, Kansas, by H. A. Waite

Ground water in the Meade artesian basin, southwestern Kansas, by John C. Frye

Ground water in the Scott district, Scott and Finney counties, Kansas, by H. A. Waite

Ground-water investigations in the Stanton district, southwestern Kansas, by Thad G. McLaughlin and Bruce Latta

Gaging the ground-water reservoirs of Kansas, by S. W. Lohman


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Kansas Geological Survey, Geohydrology
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