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Missourian Stratigraphy

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Missourian Stage

Pleasanton Group (revised)

Hepler Formation (revised and reclassified)

South Mound Shale Member (reclassified)

Checkerboard Limestone Member (lowered in rank and reclassified)

Shale Hill Formation (new name)

Exline Limestone Member (newly recognized in Kansas)

Mantey Shale Member (new name)

Critzer Limestone Member (reclassified)

Guthrie Mountain Shale Member (new name)

Coffeyville Group (now recognized in Kansas)

Tacket Formation (revised)

Kansas City Group (lower boundary revised)

Bronson Subgroup (lower boundary revised)

Hertha Limestone (revised, restricted)

Mound City Shale Member (lower boundary revised)

Sniabar Limestone Member (unchanged)

Elm Branch Shale (new name)

Swope Limestone (unchanged)

Middle Creek Limestone Member (unchanged)

Hushpuckney Shale Member (unchanged)

Bethany Falls Limestone Member (unchanged, but recorrelated southward)

Ladore Shale (restricted because of recorrelation)

Mound Valley Limestone (reinstated)

Galesburg Shale (unchanged)

Dennis Limestone (unchanged)

Canville Limestone Member (unchanged)

Stark Shale Member (unchanged)

Winterset Limestone Member (unchanged)

Linn Subgroup (revised)

Cherryvale Formation (revised)

Fontana Shale Member (unchanged)

Lower Shale member (new)

Block Limestone Member (unchanged)

Wea Shale Member (revised)

Middle Flaggy Limestone member (new)

Westerville Limestone Member (unchanged)

Drum Limestone Member (recorrelated and reclassified)

Nellie Bly Formation (newly recognized in Kansas)

Dewey Limestone (recorrelated, reclassified, and raised in rank in Kansas)

Quivira Shale Member (reclassified and redefined)

Cement City Limestone Member (reclassified)

Chanute Shale (redefined)

Zarah Subgroup (revised)

Iola Limestone (upper boundary redefined)

Paola Limestone Member (unchanged)

Muncie Creek Shale Member (unchanged)

Raytown Limestone Member (upper boundary redefined)

Liberty Memorial Shale (reinstated)

Wyandotte Limestone (revised)

Frisbie Limestone Member (unchanged)

Quindaro Shale Member (unchanged)

Argentine Limestone Member (unchanged, but recorrelated southward)

Lane Shale (revised)

Island Creek Shale Member (recorrelated and reclassified)

Farley Limestone Member (reclassified)

Bonner Springs Shale Member (reduced in rank and reclassified)

Lansing Group (redefined)

Plattsburg Limestone (unchanged)

Merriam Limestone Member (unchanged)

Hickory Creek Shale Member (unchanged)

Spring Hill Limestone Member (unchanged)

Vilas Shale (unchanged)

Stanton Limestone (revised)

Captain Creek Limestone Member (new beds recognized)

Eudora Shale Member (unchanged)

Stoner Limestone Member (new beds recognized)

Rock Lake Shale (raised in rank)

South Bend Limestone (raised in rank, revised, and subdivided)

Little Kaw Limestone Member (reinstated)

Gretna Shale Member (now recognized in Kansas)

Douglas Group (redefined)

Stranger Formation (redefined)

Weston Shale Member (revised)

Iatan Limestone Member (now recognized in southern Kansas)

Tonganoxie Sandstone Member (restricted geographically)

Upper Sibley coal bed (unchanged)

Westphalia Limestone Member (unchanged)

Vinland Shale Member (unchanged)

Cass Limestone (now recognized in Kansas)

Haskell Limestone Member (reclassified)

Little Pawnee Shale Member (newly recognized in Kansas)

Shoemaker Limestone Member (newly recognized in Kansas)




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