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Cyclic Sedimentation

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Figure 8--Northwest-southeast subsurface stratigraphic cross section (C-C') of Lansing-Kansas City Groups across southern portion of study area. C-C' index line is found in Fig. 2. Datum is the base of the J-Zone carbonate. Upper and lower correlations are the top of Lansing and the base of the Kansas City Group, respectively. Dots define producing intervals of each well except well #7, where water injection zones are indicated. (Abbreviationas in Fig. 7.) Inset section is a structure cross section along C-C'. Cleaner portions of major carbonate units are illustrated on this inset section. A larger version of this figure is available.

A, F, G, H, J, and K zones are producing on several wells.

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Kansas Geological Survey, Cyclic Sedimentation
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