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Gypsum in Kansas

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Previous work

Scope and purpose of the report

Gypsum mining in the United States

Kansas gypsum production


Geology and Properties of the Calcium Sulfate Minerals

Properties of gypsum

Physical properties

Varieties of gypsum

Properties of anhydrite

Relationships of the calcium sulfate minerals

Deposition of gypsum and anhydrite

Subsequent alteration of the calcium sulfate minerals

Permian Rocks in Kansas

Gypsum in the Blaine Formation

Pioneer mine near Sun City

National Gypsum Company plant at Medicine Lodge

History of gypsum mining in Barber County

Geology of the Medicine Lodge gypsum deposits



Field relationships of gypsum and anhydrite

Petrology of gypsum and anhydrite

Lower part of the gypsum bed

Middle part of the gypsum bed

Upper part of the gypsum bed

Petrologic interpretations

Evidence for the hydration of anhydrite to gypsum

Evidence against hydration of anhydrite to gypsum

Relationships of the gypsum and anhydrite


Gypsum in the Wellington Formation

Evidence for gypsum in the Wellington formation

Gypsum outcrops

Surface slump structure indicating gypsum

Subsurface evidence of gypsum

Gypsum mines

Gypsite deposits

Individual deposits

Gypsum in northeastern Clay County

Longford gypsite deposit

Deposit northeast of Solomon

Gypsum Creek deposit and Solomon mine

Gypsum near Salina

Hope mine

Gypsum City gypsite deposit

Dillon gypsite deposit

St. Joe mine

Rhodes gypsite deposit

Henquenet cave

Gypsum near Peabody

Gypsum near Annelly

Burns gypsite deposit

Geuda Springs deposit

Mulvane gypsite deposit

Sumner County

Gypsum indicated in Highway Commission drill holes

Stratigraphic position of the gypsum beds in the Wellington formation

Relation of gypsum-anhydrite beds to Wellington salt beds

Correlation of individual gypsum beds

Conclusions regarding stratigraphy

Relation of gypsum to anhydrite

Hydration of an anhydrite bed

Original deposition of gypsum

Conclusions regarding the relationship of gypsum to anhydrite


Future possibilities of gypsum mining in the Wellington formation

Gypsum in the Easly Creek Shale

Gypsum production at Blue Rapids



Eskridge shale

Beattie limestone

Stearns shale

Bader limestone

Easly Creek shale

Crouse limestone

Blue Rapids shale

Funston limestone

Speiser shale

Wreford limestone

Matfield shale

Barneston limestone

Structural geology

General structure

Local structure

Occurrences of gypsum

Certainteed mine

Other occurrences of gypsum

U. S. Gypsum mine

Blue Rapids Gypsum Company mine

Fowler mine

Winter mine

Electric mine

Other localities

Petrology of the gypsum of the Blue Rapids area


Lower part of the gypsum bed

Middle part of the gypsum bed

Upper part of the gypsum bed

Petrologic interpretations

Original deposition of the gypsum

Evidence of recrystallization

Evidence relative to recrystallization during diagenesis

Evidence relative to recrystallization by ground water

Evidence relative to secondary solution and redeposition

Conclusions regarding origin

Original deposition

Subsequent alterations


Other Gypsum-Anhydrite Strata in Kansas

Day Creek dolomite

Stone Corral dolomite

Oaks shale member, Hamlin shale

Uses and Manufacture of Gypsum

Calcined gypsum

Plaster used in the building industry

Base-coat plasters

Finishing plaster

Prefabricated gypsum products

Reinforced gypsum concrete

Plaster used outside the building industry

Casting plaster

Pottery plaster

Industrial and molding plaster

Dental and orthopedic plaster

Plaster used in the plate glass industry

Raw gypsum

Source of sulfur

Industrial processing of gypsum


Manufacturing special types of plaster

Manufacture of prefabricated gypsum products

Process for manufacture of sulfuric acid from gypsum

Summary of Kansas Gypsum


Quality and supply



Future demand for gypsum



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