Wellington KGS Well 2-32

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updated March 21, 2016

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Well Logs

March 22, 2015

Halliburton logs in section above surface casing (600 ft) for Wellington KGS 2-32 now available on KGS Database Page

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  • Array Compensated True Resistivity
  • Borehole Compensated Sonic Array
  • LAS file

Daily Drilling Report

March 26, 2015
March 26, 2015
Wellington KGS 1-32 reached coring depth at 6:15 AM. Tyler stopped the drilling at 3654 ft, ~6ft above the Miss, based on correlations to 1-32. After tripping out and going back down to TD to clean the hole, coring phase will begin late morning. It's estimated the 60 ft core will be out tomorrow morning, roughly 7 a.m. That means the drill stem test would be rigging up soon after and tripping in to set the tool and record flow and pressure data. The fluid sampling phase should begin early tomorrow afternoon. We will know more later when coring is in progress.
March 24, 2015
Drilling at 2325 feet at 7:00 am. We will be to the core point Wednesday afternoon, roughly. They have been making about 40 feet an hour. Core point is at 3645 feet. We have 1320 feet to drill. That would take 33 hours at 40 feet per hour.
March 23, 2015
Drilling ahead on schedule at 7 am this morning at 1470 ft, drilling toward coring point at 3645 ft.
March 22, 2015
Drilling ahead after logging and setting surface pipe at 650 ft.
March 19, 2015
Fossil Drilling moving in rig. Rigging up. Plan to spud Friday morning.

Color photo of rig for Wellington KGS 2-32

Well Info

March 23, 2015

Well Info PDF (background and progress)

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Site map for Wellington KGS 2-32


March 26, 2015

A KGS seismometer vault and solar panel located northeast of the KGS 2-32 well site. The drilling rig can be seen in the background of the photo on the left. The close proximity of this station to the well is expected to help scientists closely observe any changes in seismicity as injection begins.

Photo of seismometer vault and drilling rig.

This seismometer station was installed approximately 1 mile due south of the KGS 2-32 injection well site. Install locations were selected to minimize noise from surrounding land activities, provide convenient access for maintenance without obstructions to landowners, and to capture important monitoring data from the nearby injection well.

Photo of seismometer vault.

A view of the Fossil drilling rig at the KGS 2-32 well site. Things were relatively quiet as the crew prepared for numerous tests and extracting core from the Mississippian interval scheduled for the following day.

View of drilling rig.

A view of the KGS 2-32 rig from the south as storm clouds slowly rolled in throughout the day.


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