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Southwest Regional Partnership on Carbon Sequestration (SWP)--Member states include Arizona, Colorado, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Utah, Kansas, Nevada, Texas, and Wyoming.

Gulf Coast Carbon Center--The GCCC seeks to apply its technical and educational resources to implement geologic storage of anthropogenic carbon dioxide on an aggressive time scale with a focus in a region where large-scale reduction of atmospheric releases is needed and short term action is possible.

CO2 storage papers from the Gulf Coast Carbon Center (PDF file)

Wabamum Area CO2 Sequestration Project (WASP)--A University of Calgary-led project funded by an NSERC Strategic Grant and AERI with additional funding from industry partners

CO2STORE--CO2STORE is a research project with 19 participants from industry and research institutes, partly funded by the European Union.

Carbon Capture and Sequestration at MIT-- The Carbon Capture and Sequestration Technologies Program at MIT conducts research into technologies to capture, utilize, and store CO2 from large stationary sources.