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Bureau of Land Management, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas
manages surface activities on 261 million acres of America's public lands, located primarily in 12 Western States
Bureau of Reclamation, Great Plains Region
encompasses nine western states,and hundreds of irrigation projects, dams, and other water-supply related facilities
Natural Resources Conservation Service, Texas
National Water and Climate Center
Agricultural Research Service, Southern Plains Area
research projects in agriculture, nutrition, technology, the environment and other topics
Soil and Water Management Research Unit
research on crop water use and on irrigation and water management technologies for sustaining or enhancing crop productivity, improving water use efficiency, reducing ground water use, enhancing water quality, and sustaining the soil resources in the Southern High Plains
Texas Agricultural Statistics Service
agricultural crop and animal statistics
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 6
serving Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas and 66 Tribes
STORET Database Access
water quality data
Surf Your Watershed
watershed data search
from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Activities in Texas
from U.S. Geological Survey
Fact Sheets (Listed by State)
from U.S. Geological Survey
Ground Water Atlas of the United States: Oklahoma, Texas
text and maps on High Plains aquifer in these states
National Water-Quality Assessment (NAWQA) Program - High Plains Regional Ground Water Study
Water Data for Texas (NWISWeb)
Water-Quality Data for Texas