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Colorado Decision Support System
provides credible information to base informed decisions concerning management of Colorado's water resources
Colorado Department of Agriculture
Colorado Department of Local Affairs
census and economic data, city and state GIS maps and data, listing of local government divisions and agencies
Colorado Department of Natural Resources
develop, protect and enhance Colorado natural resources
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
protecting and preserving the health and environment of the people of Colorado
Colorado Water Quality Monitoring Council
Water Quality Control Commission
Water Quality Control Division
Colorado Division of Water Resources
focus on people, water, and stewardship
Colorado Geological Survey
Colorado Ground Water Commission
regulatory and adjudicatory body authorized to manage and control designated ground water resources
Colorado State University
Colorado State University Water Center
water resources education/research group representing 25 different departments
Colorado Water Conservation Board
conserve, develop, protect and manage Colorado's water for present and future generations
Colorado Water Institute
an affiliate of Colorado State University, focusing the water expertise of higher education on evolving water concerns
energy efficiency and renewable energy information in Colorado
State of Colorado