A Kansas Water Plan project conducted by the Kansas Geological Survey for the Kansas Water Office to evaluate the movement of saline Arkansas River water into ground water resources in southwest Kansas.
The Arkansas River in southeast Colorado and southwest Kansas is one of the most saline rivers in the U.S.  Most of the dissolved salts in the river water entering Kansas remain in the river corridor.  This study is evaluating the fate and transport of the dissolved solids that are contaminating the ground-water resources of the High Plains aquifer in the river corridor.  The evaluation includes determining the relationships among river flow and quality, ground-water levels and quality, and water use.
Executive Summary
Arkansas River Water Quality
Participants and Contacts
Hydrogeology of Aquifers
Agency Cooperation
Ground-Water Levels
Background and Objectives
Ground-Water Quality
Study Area
Simulation and Forecasting

Real-Time Water-Quality Data for the Arkansas River near the Colorado-Kansas Line

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