Potential-Field Databases

The potential-field database at the Kansas Geological Survey contains 72,000 line-km (45,000 line-mi) of regional aeromagnetic data, and 62,606 gravity-station measurements covering Kansas. Also included is the high-sensitivity aeromagnetic survey of the Joplin two-degree quadrangle (latitude 37° to 38°, longitude 94° to 96°), which covers a nine-county area in southeastern Kansas and a smaller area in extreme southwestern Missouri. All data are in ASCII format and stored on CD-ROM. The CD-ROM can be read by a PC with Microsoft Windows.

The CD-ROM is available for $200.00, plus shipping, handling, and sales tax (if necessary). For orders from within Kansas, contact the Survey's Data Resources Library (785-864-2161 or datares@kgs.ku.edu). For orders from outside Kansas, contact Mary Brohammer (mbro@kgs.ku.edu).

Other Information

KGS Open-file Repts. 96-51 and 97-72
On-line Gravity and Magnetic Maps of Kansas, by Joseph M. Kruger
KGS Map Series M-41
Six processed gravity and magnetic maps, by Jianghai Xia and others
KGS Open File Report 2000-6
Potential-field Database at the Kansas Geological Survey, by Jianghai Xia, Rick Miller, and Dana Adkins-Heljeson
Maps from KGS Bulletin 226
Gravity and magnetics maps of Kansas, originally placed as sheets in Bulletin 226, "Geophysics in Kansas," released in 1989, and edited by Don Steeples
Geophysics Series 1
Regional Interpretation of Kansas Aeromagnetic Data, by Harold L. Yarger. Published in 1983.