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Cedar Bluff Irrigation District Area

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Statement of the problems

Objectives and scope of the study


Numbering system for wells and soil-sampling sites

Location and Geohydrologic Setting

Undifferentiated Upper Cretaceous rocks

Undifferentiated Pleistocene deposits

Recent alluvium and Wisconsinan deposits

Distribution and Use of Water


Irrigation water

Deliveries and consumptive use

Chemical quality

Ground Water

Areal changes in water levels

Areal changes in chemical quality

Experimental plots

Plot 1

Plot 3

Plot 2

Relations of the chemical quality of ground water to soil chemistry

Surface Water

Seepage-salinity surveys of low flow

Pesticides and non-silicate trace elements in low flow

Changes in chemical quality of streamflow adjacent to the district

Changes in quantity and chemical quality of streamflow downstream from the district

Estimates of quantity and quality of drainage from the district

Estimates based on records of streamflow and releases to the river

Estimates based on irrigation requirements and distribution of irrigation water

Comparison of net input and net drainage

Summary and Conclusions

Selected References


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Kansas Geological Survey, Geohydrology
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