March 2012

Unger_Field_TORP_Horizontal.pdf (Acrobat PDF, 2 MB). Presentation given at TORP's 2012 Workshop on Horizontal Completion in the Mississippi Lime.


April 2011

IOR_conference_April_7_2011.pdf (Acrobat PDF, 8.6 MB). Presentation given at TORP's 2011 Improved Oil Recovery conference Conference in Wichita.

Project Info

January 2011

Unger_horizontal_well_1-5-11.pdf (Acrobat PDF, 8 MB). Overview on the Unger field drilling project.

Watney-KBA-KIOGA--Horizontal_Drilling.pdf (Acrobat PDF, 3.5 MB). Presentation given by Lynn Watney on horizontal drilling.

Hillsboro_field_summary.pdf (Acrobat PDF, 1.3 MB). The Hillsboro field in Marion County was first considered for the project, but was replaced by the Unger field.

News Release

November 2010

Original Proposal

Acrobat PDF 920 kB


The Unger field horizontal well is a RPSEA-funded project of the Kansas Geological Survey and American Energies Corp. More ...