March 2012

Unger_Field_TORP_Horizontal.pdf (Acrobat PDF, 2 MB). Presentation given at TORP's 2012 Workshop on Horizontal Completion in the Mississippi Lime.


April 2011

IOR_conference_April_7_2011.pdf (Acrobat PDF, 8.6 MB). Presentation given at TORP's 2011 Improved Oil Recovery conference Conference in Wichita.

Info from Wichita Eagle

January 2011

Video from the Wichita Eagle on the American Energies well in the Unger field

Article from the Wichita Eagle--Wichita driller hopes new technique opens oil fields

American Energies "Slocombe-Rood 1-19"

January 2011

KGS database page for this well

Revised Intent (Acrobat PDF, 462 kB)


The Unger field horizontal well is a RPSEA-funded project of the Kansas Geological Survey and American Energies Corp. More ...