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Barton and Stafford Geohydrology

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Records of Typical Wells, continued

Table 13--Records of wells in Stafford County, Kansas, continued.

Well no. (1) Location Owner or tenant Type of well (2) Depth of well (feet) (3) Diameter of well (in.) Type of casing (4) Principal water-bearing bed Method of lift (5) Use of water (6) Measuring point Depth to water level below measuring point (feet) (7) Date of measurement Remarks (Yield given in gallons a minute; drawdown in feet)
Character of material Geologic source Description Distance above (+) or below (-) land surface (feet) Height above mean sea level (feet)
  Rice County
  T. 21 S., R. 10 W.
21-10-7cc SW SW sec. 7   Dn 14 1 1/4 GP Sand and gravel Meade N N Top of pipe +0.4 1,730.7 2.45 10-Oct-42 Unused stock well
  Pratt County
  T. 26 S., R. 15 W.
26-15-6ba NE NW sec. 6 S.C. Spencer Dn 45.4 1 1/4 GP Sand and gravel Meade P, H S Top of pitcher pump +1.0 2,040.1 12.25 9-Sep-42  
  Edwards County
  T. 24 S., R. 16 W.
24-16-24dc SW SE sec. 24 Floyd Ulsh Dr 79.0 6 GI Sand and gravel Meade C, E I Top of casing +0.3 2,057.7 15.54 21-Aug-42 Used to irrigate garden; reported yield 40 g.p.m.

1. Location number: Well numbers give the location of wells according to General Land Office surveys and according to the following formula: Township-Range-Section, 160-acre trace within that section, and the 40-acre tract within the quarter section. If two or more wells are located within a 40-acre tract, the wells are numbered serially according to the order in which they were inventoried. The 160-acre and 40-acre tracts are designated a, b, c, or d in a counterclockwise direction, beginning in the northeast quarter. For example: well 20-15-35bc is located in SW 1/4 NW 1/4 sec. 35, T. 20 S., R. 15 W.
2. Bored well; DD, dug and drilled well; Dn, driven well; Dr, drilled well; Du, dug well; Sp, spring.
3. Reported depths below the land surface are given in feet; measured depths are given in feet and tenths below measuring points.
4. Bs, Boiler steel; C, concrete; GI, galvanized sheet iron; GP, galvanized-iron pipe; I, iron; N, none; OB, oil barrels; OW, oil-well casing; R, rock; T, tile; W, wood.
5. Method of lift: B, bucket and rope; C, horizontal centrifugal; Cy, cylinder; F, natural flow; N, none; P, pitcher pump; S, submersible turbine; T, turbine; VC, vertical centrifugal. Type of power: B, butane; E, electric; G, gas engine; H, hand-operated; NG, natural gas; T, tractor; W, windmill
6. D, domestic; I, irrigation; In, industrial; N, not being used; O, observation; P, public supply; S, stock
7. Reported depths to water level are given in feet; measured depths to water level are given in feet, tenths, and hundredths
8. Water level in feet above measuring point.

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