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Geohydrology of Allen County

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Purpose of investigation


Previous investigations

Methods of investigation

Well-numbering system



Subsurface stratigraphy

Precambrian rocks

Cambrian rocks

Ordovician rocks

Devonian and Mississippian rocks

Mississippian rocks

Pennsylvanian rocks

Stratigraphy of outcropping rocks

Pennsylvanian System--Missourian Stage

Kansas City Group-Bronson Subgroup

Hertha Limestone

Ladore Shale

Swope Limestone

Galesburg Shale

Dennis Limestone

Kansas City Group--Linn Subgroup

Cherryvale Shale

Drum Limestone

Chanute Shale

Iola Limestone

Kansas City Group--Zarah Subgroup

Lane and Bonner Springs Shales

Lansing Group

Plattsburg Limestone

Vilas Shale

Stanton Limestone

Pennsylvanian System--Virgilian Stage

Douglas Group

Stranger Formation

Tertiary(?) and Quaternary Systems

Pre-Kansan and Kansan deposits

Quaternary System--Pleistocene Series

Illinoisan Stage

Wisconsinan and Recent Stages

Structural geology

Regional structure

Local structures

Mineral resources

Oil and gas


Sand and gravel

Ceramic materials

Ground-water resources

Recharge of ground water


Adjacent areas


Discharge of ground water

Evaporation and transpiration

Subsurface movement

Seeps and springs


Availability of ground water

Consolidated rock aquifers

Limestone and shale aquifers

Sandstone aquifers

Unconsolidated rock aquifers


Surface water

Ground water

Chemical character of ground water

General discussion

Chemical quality of water in relation to source

Formations of pre-Kansas City age

Consolidated rocks

Limestone aquifers

Shale and sandstone aquifers

Unconsolidated deposits

Deposits in terrace position

Alluvium in the Neosho Valley

Chemical quality of water in relation to use

Sanitary consideration

Utilization of ground water

Past and present use

Potential use

Records of wells and test holes

Logs of selected test holes in the Neosho River valley

Selected references


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Kansas Geological Survey, Geology
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