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The Kansas River Corridor--Its Geologic Setting, Land Use, Economic Geology, and Hydrology

by Lawrence L. Brady (compiler), David A. Grisafe, James R. McCauley, Gregory C. Ohlmacher, Hernán A. M. Quinodoz, and Kenneth A. Nelson

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Released as Kansas Geological Survey Open-file Report 98-2, January 1998

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Executive Summary


Appreciation is expressed to Mr. Bill Penny of Penny Concrete, Inc., Mr. John Eichman of Midwest Concrete Materials, Inc., Mr. Verne Dow of Dow Geological Services, and Mr. Edward Moses, of the Kansas Aggregate Producers for site visits and information on the Kansas sand and gravel industry. Discussions, reports, and data files on existing U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) regulations were provided by Mr. Robert Smith and Mr. Robert Pearce of that agency in Kansas City. Dr. Dennis Baker of the Kansas Conservation Commission provided data to the Kansas Geological Survey on Kansas dredging operations. Appreciation also is extended to Lon Ingram, Mike Lackey, and Lewis Myers of the Kansas Department of Transportation; and to Brad Johnson, Associated Environmental, Inc., Manhattan, Kansas.

Considerable support was provided by Capt. Erik Blechinger while working on his research paper for the M.S. degree in Civil Engineering at The University of Kansas. He worked with several of the authors in reviewing available data and determining the economics for floodplain dredging potential along the Kansas River.

Kansas Geological Survey personnel important to various phases of review and development of the report include Dr. Lee Gerhard, Mr. Rex Buchanan, Dr. Pieter Berendsen, Ms. Marla Adkins-Heljeson, Ms. Patricia Acker, and Ms. LeaAnn Davidson.

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The Kansas Geological Survey compiled this publication according to specific standards, using what is thought to be the most reliable information available. The Kansas Geological Survey does not guarantee freedom from errors or inaccuracies and disclaims any legal responsibility or liability for interpretations made from the publication or decisions based thereon.

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Electronic version Jan. 13, 1998.
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