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Phillips County Geology

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Purpose and scope of the investigation

Location and nature of the study area

Previous geologic investigations

Methods of investigation

Stratigraphy of outcropping rocks

Cretaceous System--Upper Cretaceous Series

Carlile Shale (Colorado Group)

Niobrara Chalk (Colorado Group)

Fort Hays Limestone Member

Smoky Hill Chalk Member

Pierre Shale (Montana group)

Tertiary System--Miocene Series

Ogallala Formation

Three members

Silica-cemented sandstone

Quaternary System--Pleistocene Series

Pre-Illinoian stages

Grand Island and Sappa Formations

Illinoian Stage

Crete Formation

Loveland Loess

Sangamon soil

Wisconsin Stage

Early to middle Wisconsin fluvial deposits

Gilman Canyon Formation

Peoria loess

Late Wisconsin fluvial deposits

Quaternary System--Holocene Series

Brady soil

Bignell Loess

Fluvial deposits

Eolian sand deposits

Recent geologic history

Stratigraphic sections


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