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Outcropping Rocks in Kansas

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Main rock divisions and their distribution

Distribution and structure of Cenozoic rocks

Distribution and structure of Mesozoic rocks

Distribution and structure of Paleozoic rocks

Igneous rocks

Cenozoic Rocks

Quaternary system

Recent series

Pleistocene series

Tertiary system

Pliocene series

Mesozoic Rocks

Cretaceous system

Gulfian series

Comanchean series

(?) Triassic system

Paleozoic Rocks

Permian system

Guadalupian series

Leonardian series

Wolfcampian series

Pennsylvanian system

Virgilian series

Missourian series

Desmoinesian series

Mississippian system

Meramecian series

Osagian series

Igneous Rocks

Bibliography of Outcropping Rocks

Index of Stratigraphic Names

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Kansas Geological Survey, Geology
Placed on web Jan. 18, 2017; originally published Oct. 25, 1944.
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