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Lophphllid Corals

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I am deeply indebted to Dr. R. C. Moore for his numerous suggestions and criticisms of the text and illustrations during the progress of this study, and for making available the corals in the collections of the Kansas Geological Survey. The illustrated catalog of the Late Paleozoic corals prepared for the Geological Survey has been of invaluable assistance. Sincere thanks are given to R. H. King for making available a fine collection of well-preserved specimens from Texas and for advice on taxonomic procedure and editorial help. Many others at the University of Kansas have also aided by discussions and by careful search in the field for additional material.

While at the University of Kansas, Dr. N. D. Newell had made polished sections of a few Upper Carboniferous corals and these were useful in the preliminary determination of the characters of the fauna. I am indebted also to Dr. J. M. Weller of the Illinois Geological Survey for the loan of one lot of corals from Springfield, Illinois, and to Dr. J. W. Wells for the loan of specimens and thin sections of corals from near Flint Ridge, Ohio. Dr. W. M. Furnish has kindly sent several lots of Upper Carboniferous corals from Oklahoma. Groups of corals also have been borrowed from Dr. L. M. Cline, of Iowa State College.


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