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Lophphllid Corals

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Previous studies

Scope of the present paper

Material studied

Methods of study

Terminology of Lophophyllid Structures

Relationships of Lophophyllid Corals

Lophophyllum, Koninckophyllum, and Lophophyllidium



Rylstonia and other genera

Taxonomic status of lophophyllid corals

Systematic Descriptions

Genus Lophophyllidium Grabau

Lophophyllidium proliferum (McChesney)

L. profundum (Edwards and Haime)?

L. confertum, n. sp.

L. mundulum, n. sp.

L. compressum, n. sp.

L. complexum, n. sp.

L. murale, n. sp.

L. expansum, n. sp.

L. girtyi, n. sp.

L. elongatum, n. sp.

L. radiatum, n. sp.

L. magnificum, n. sp.

L. newelli, n. sp.

L. distinctum, n. sp.

L. minutum, n. sp.

L. sp. A

L. sp. B

Stratigraphic Summary



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Kansas Geological Survey, Geology
Placed on web September 2005; originally published November 30, 1942.
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