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New Permian Corals

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New Permian Corals from Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas

by Raymond C. Moore and Russell M. Jeffords

Originally published in 1941 as Kansas Geological Survey Bulletin 38, Part 3.

This is, in general, the original text as published in 1941. The information has not been updated. Errata added to the original publication have been integrated in this version.


Nine new species of Permian rugose corals are referred to eight genera, of which three are new and three have not previously been reported from America. New species from Lower Permian (Wolfcamp) beds of Kansas and northern Oklahoma are assigned to Malonophyllum Okulitch and Albritton, known elsewhere from the Leonard series of western Texas; Lophophyllidium Grabau, seemingly a long-ranging genus of Upper Carboniferous and Permian age and world-wide distribution; Sochkineophyllum Grabau, previously reported from Middle Carboniferous (Moscovian) rocks of Russia and Permian strata of China; and two new genera named Lophamplexus and Heritschia. New species of Middle Permian (Leonard) corals from the Glass Mountains, in western Texas are referred to Timorphyllum Gerth, described from the Permian of Timor, in the East Indies; Duplophyllum Koker, previously reported from the Permian of Timor, Australia, and China; and a new genus that is designated as Leonardophyllum. Most of these forms bear a distinct axial column and all but one species seem to lack dissepiments.

Permian corals from Asia that heretofore have been referred to Corwenia Smith and Ryder, a genus that is based on Lower Carboniferous corals, are placed in the new genus Heritschia, and a few other, variously identified corals are also thought to belong in Heritschia.

The common Late Paleozoic column-bearing corals of North America that have been classed as belonging to Lophophyllum seem to belong to the genus Lophophyllidium. The stratigraphic usefulness of corals in correlation of Permian rocks is considered briefly. Numerous taxonomic problems similar to that of so-called Lophophyllum are encountered in work on the Permian corals.

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Placed on web June 18, 2007; originally published June 1941.
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