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Pawnee River valley

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Goals and objectives of the research

Significance of the research

Origin of the research problem

Study area

Selection of the study area

Location and physiography





Research methods

Data requirements

Field and laboratory methods

Stratigraphic framework

Identification of buried soils

Geomorphic and stratigraphic investigations

Large valleys

Locality PR-1

Locality PR-2

Locality PR-3

Locality PR-4

Locality PR-5

Locality PR-6

Locality PR-7

Locality PR-8

Locality PR-9

Locality PR-10

Small valleys

Locality BC-1

Locality HC-1

Locality HC-2

Locality SC-1

Locality PR-11

Locality PR-12

Holocene landscape evolution in the Pawnee River basin

Terraces, valley fills, and soils in the Pawnee River basin

Holocene valley history

Regional correlation of Holocene alluvial sequences

Stream responses to base-level changes

Stream responses to tectonism

Stream responses to climatic change

Summary and conclusions

Landforms and valley fill

Holocene history

Directions for future research

Archeological research

Pedologic research

Paleoenvironmental research


Appendix: Soil profile descriptions

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