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Cyclic Sedimentation

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Figure 7--Northeast-southwest stratigraphic cross section (B-B') of subsurface Lansing-Kansas City Groups across northern portion of study area. B-B' index line is found in Fig.. 2. Datum is the base of the J-Zone carboante. Upper and lower correlations are the top of Lansing and base of Kansas City Groups, respectively. Dots beside well logs define producing intervals of each well. Abbreviations for well logs are: GR = gamma ray; SP = spontaneous potential; N = neutron; S = sonic; I = induction. Inset section is a structure cross section along B-B'. Cleaner portions of major carbonate units are illustrated on this inset section.

A, D, G, and K zones are producing on several wells.

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Kansas Geological Survey, Cyclic Sedimentation
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