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Cyclic Sedimentation

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Figure 37--A conceptual stratigraphic model that depicts lateral and vertical relationships of facies within a major sedimentary cycle in the study area. This model is based on analysis of seven Lansing-Kansas City cycles. The updip pinchout of the regressive carboante zone into the regressive shale is based indirectly on known pinchouts of the F and D carbonate zones within the study area. Subaerial exposure is indicated along the northerly updip surface of the regressive carbonate (illustrated by the wavy upper surface). Updip sands in the regressive shale interval are hypthetical. Oblique dashed line in the marine shale divides restricted (left) from ore open marine (right) conditions. The well log in Figure 44 is divided into cycle-divisions that are the same as those illustrated here.

Model shows 5 facies.

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Kansas Geological Survey, Cyclic Sedimentation
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