This page presents some of the energy-related maps, reports, and publications that are available online from the Kansas Geological Survey. You may also wish to check the KGS Bibliography of Geology Online or the Catalogue of Publications.

Open-file Reports

Many open-file reports from the KGS Petroleum Research Section have been placed online.


Gravity and Magnetic Maps of Kansas
JPEG and TIF versions of gravity and magetic data from Kansas.
Interactive Maps
Generalized map of Kansas Oil and Gas Fields
A digital version of a map available as an 8 1/2 by 11 inch sheet. Single copies of the sheet (Special Map 6) are free; multiple copies are 10 cents each. Contact the Publications Sales Office for more information.
Oil and Gas Maps of Kansas
Web and PDF versions of the published maps of Kansas oil and gas fields. New maps revised March 2019.

Public Information Circulars

These circulars address the issues concerning oil and natural gas. A complete list of Public Information Circulars (PIC) is available on the Publications Index Page.


Petroleum: a primer for Kansas
The story behind the techniques, philosophies, and struggles of finding oil and gas in Kansas. It is written in non-technical language for those who have interests in the petroleum industry in one way or another, but who have had little or no training in the technical fields involved.
Cyclic sedimentation of the Lansing-Kansas City groups in northwestern Kansas and southwestern Nebraska; a guide for petroleum exploration, by W.L. Watney
Originally published in 1980 as Bulletin 220.
Stratigraphic and Spatial Distribution of Oil and Gas Production in Kansas
by K. David Newell, W. Lynn Watney, Stephen W. L. Cheng, and Richard L. Brownrigg. Originally published in 1987 as Subsurface Geology Series 9.