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Kansas Geological Survey, Public Information Circular (PIC) 5
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Hugoton Natural Gas Area of Kansas

Tim Carr and Robert S. Sawin


The Hugoton field is the largest natural gas field in North America and the second largest in the world. The Hugoton is only one of many gas fields in southwest Kansas (fig. 1) that have been important to Kansas since their development in the 1930's. The major gas fields of this area--Hugoton, Panoma, Bradshaw, Greenwood, and Byerly--have produced almost 27 trillion cubic feet of gas (enough gas to supply every household in Kansas for 364 years, based on 1994 gas consumption rates). The Hugoton and associated gas fields are part of a large, bowl-shaped structure that underlies most of southwest Kansas. This region is referred to as the Hugoton natural gas area.

Figure 1--The Hugoton natural gas area in Kansas.

Panoma and Hugoton gas fields are in the nine southwest Kansas counties.

The Hugoton natural gas area provides gas and oil to Kansas and the nation, generating significant revenues and providing jobs and income in at least 13 counties in southwest Kansas. Economically, the Hugoton area is Kansas's most important natural resource. It will continue to be an important resource for Kansas in the future, but it must be understood, managed, and developed in a way that will maximize its benefit to Kansans. This circular explains the history and geology of the Hugoton gas area, its importance to the state, and how foresight and stewardship will affect its future.

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