Principal Investigators

Saibal Bhattacharya--Lead Engineer
W. Lynn Watney--Lead Geologist

Kansas Geological Survey researchers

Co-Principal Investigators

Kerry D. Newell, Co-PI--stucture and diagenesis
Jason Rush, Co-PI--Petrel geomodeling and data integration
Richard Miller, Co-PI--seismic interpretation, shearwave analysis
John Doveton, Co-PI--log petrophysics and core-log modeling
Jianghai Xia, Co-PI--gravity-magnetics modeling & interpretation

Key Personnel

John Victorine--Java web app development
David Laflen--manage core & curation
Mike Killion--modify ESRI map service for project
Kurt Look, Glen Gagnon, Dan Suchy, Deb Stewart--manage data
Jennifer Raney, Asst. Project Manager
Dana Adkins-Heljeson, web manager

KU Department of Geology researchers

Co-Principal Investigators

Evan Franseen, Co-PI--stratigraphy and diagenesis of OPAS
Robert Goldstein, Co-PI--diagenesis, fluid inclusion

Other Personnel

Grad Research Asst 2 years
David Fowle, Co-PI--reactive pathways, microbial catalysis
Jennifer Roberts, Co-PI--reactive pathways, microbial catalysis
Geology Technician (TBD)--fluid/rock handling
Grad Research Asst--1 year


Kansas State University--Seismic and Geochemical Services

PI--Saugata Datta--reactive pathways and reaction constants
PI--Abdelmoneam Raef--seismic analysis and modeling
GRA 1--Datta--aqueous geochemistry
GRA 2--Raef--seismic analysis and modeling

Bittersweet Energy, Inc., Wichita, KS

Tom Hansen, Principal, Wichita, Geological Supervision--regional data, hydrogeology of Arbuckle
Paul Gerlach--regional data acquisition, 2 yrs.
Larry Nicholson--regional data acquisition, 2 yrs.
Student Consultant--regional data acquisition, 2 yrs.
Ken Cooper, Petrotek Engineering, Littleton, CO- engineer, well injection, hydrogeology
John Lorenz, FractureStudies, Edgewood, NM--structural analysis

CMG--Simulation Services, Calgary, Alberta

Simulation software and greenhouse gas simulation consultancy

Weatherford Laboratories, Houston, TX

core analyses

Berexco, Beredco Drilling--Wichita, KS

access to Wellington Field; drilling, coring, completion and testing; modeling and simulation
Key Berexco staff
Dana Wreath--manager, reservoir and production engineer
Randy Koudele--reservoir engineer
Bill Lamb--reservoir engineer

Other contributing companies

Halliburton, Liberal, KS--wireline logging services
Hedke-Saenger Geoscience, LTD., Wichita, KS--geophysical acquistion design & interpretation
Susan E. Nissen, McLouth, KS--Geophysical Consultant--volumetic curvature
Lockhart Geophysical, Denver, CO--2D shear wave acqis., gravity & mag acquis. & interpret.
Fairfield Industries, Inc., Denver, CO--2D, 3D multicomponent seismic processing
Paragon Geophysical Services, Wichita, KS--3D seismic acquisition
Echo Geophysical, Denver, CO--3D seismic processing
Converging Point--QC seismic acquisition

Noble Energy, Houston, TX; Denver, CO

David DesAutels, representative
collaborating company, fields adjoining Wellington


South-central Kansas CO2 Project is a DOE-funded project of the Kansas Geological Survey. More ...