Distributed Spatial Databases

Nathan Eaton, Indiana Geological Survey, Jerry Weisenfluh, Kentucky Geological Survey & Jim McDonald, Ohio Geological Survey

Presented at
Digital Mapping Techniques '02
Hosted by Utah Geological Survey & University of Utah Department of Geology and Geophysics
Convened by Association of American State Geologists and U.S. Geological Survey
Salt Lake City, Utah

May 19-22, 2002

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Presentation Slides:
Distributed Spatial Databases
MIDCARB Consortium
MIDCARB Project Goals
MIDCARB Data Relationship Model
Spatial Database Design
KGS Spatial Database
Database Organization
Preclipped Features to Facilitate Queries
Custom Geologic Map Query
Future SDE Work
MIDCARB ArcIMS Deployment
Spatial Database Connections
Table of Contents Customization
Legend Customization
Metadata Access
Metadata Display
ColdFusion Data Pathways
Distributed Coal Themes
ArcIMS - Level of Detail
Distributed Petroleum Fields
Future IMS Work

Kansas Geological Survey
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