Format for archives of production data

The file includes an ID code used by the Kansas Geological Survey called the LEASE_KID. We are saving the Kansas Dept. of Revenue code as column 3. Finally, we have included the "Month" values for saving monthly data. Yearly data is indicated by Month=0; Starting cumulative value indicated by Month=-1. API number is listed if we have tied the production data to our well data.

Below is a description of the columns saved.

LEASE KIDUnique ID assigned by the Survey. Not necessarily permanent.
LEASELease name.
DOR_CODEID code assigned by the Kansas Department of Revenue.
API_NUMBERIf the Kansas Geological Survey has made a link between one or more wells and the production data shown, then the API number(s) will be listed here.
FIELDOil and gas field name that this production is assigned to.
PRODUCING_ZONEProducing formation. May be assigned from the field name or information that is associated with the well.
OPERATOROperator of the lease. Updated by the Dept. of Revenue.
COUNTYCounty where lease is located.
TOWNSHIPPublic Land Survey System township number, 1-35 in Kansas.
TWN_DIRTownship direction. S (south) or N (north), Always south in Kansas
RANGEPublic Land Survey System range number, 1-43 in west and 1-25 in east.
RANGE_DIRRange direction. E (east) or W (west).
SECTIONThe PLSS section the site is located in: 1-36
SPOT The legal quarter description qualifiers list as NE, NW, SE, and SW, etc. May be pulled from well data or DOR information; of limited quality
LATITUDENAD 1927, generated from the legal location.
LONGITUDEThe latitude and longitude for production data is generally not as well defined as the location created for well data.
MONTH-YEARMonth and Year for the production information. Yearly data is indicated by Month=0; starting cumulative value indicated by Month=-1.
PRODUCTO = oil, G = gas (including coalbed methane).
WELLSNumber of wells contributing to the lease. Of limited quality.
PRODUCTIONProduction of oil is in barrels; production of gas is in MCF (1000 cubic feet).
URLSome versions of the file include a URL to the main Lease Production web page.