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This web site has been created in support of the Kansas Geological Survey's Direct Push Methods for Hydrostratigraphic Characterization project. For information on this project, please contact Jim Butler , Gaisheng Liu, or Geoff Bohling, project investigators.

Field geologist using direct-push logging tool; foggy day in field. Kansas Geological Survey Field Hydrogeologist Ed Reboulet advances a direct-push logging tool to obtain a hydraulic conductivity profile in a highly heterogeneous and extensively studied alluvial aquifer.

Reports and Publications

Water Resources Research, 2012 (in press)
Geostatistical analysis of centimeter-scale hydraulic conductivity variations at the MADE site, by G.C. Bohling, G. Liu, S. Knobbe, E. Reboulet, D.W. Hyndman, P. Dietrich, and J.J. Butler, Jr. [Abstract]
Grundwasser, 2012 (in press)
Hydraulic conductivity profiling with direct push methods, by G. Liu, J.J. Butler, Jr., E. Reboulet, and S. Knobbe [Abstract]
Water Resources Research, v. 45, W08202, 2009
A new method for high-resolution characterization of hydraulic conductivity, by G. Liu, J.J. Butler, Jr., G.C. Bohling, E. Reboulet, S. Knobbe, and D.W. Hyndman [Abstract]
Water Resources Research, v. 44, W02432, 2008
Simulation assessment of the direct-push permeameter for characterizing vertical variations in hydraulic conductivity, by G. Liu, G.C. Bohling, and J.J. Butler, Jr. [Abstract]
Ground Water, v. 46, no. 2, 323-328, 2008
A rapid method for hydraulic profiling in unconsolidated formations, by P. Dietrich, J.J. Butler, Jr., and K. Faiß [Abstract]
Ground Water, v. 45, no. 4, 409-419, 2007
Characterizing hydraulic conductivity with the direct-push permeameter, by J.J. Butler, Jr., P. Dietrich, V. Wittig, and T. Christy [Abstract]
Ground Water, v. 43, no. 1, 19-29, 2005
Direct-push hydrostratigraphic profiling: Coupling electrical logging and slug tests, by S.M. Sellwood, J.M. Healey, S. Birk, and J.J. Butler, Jr. [PDF online]
KGS Open-File Report 2004-12
Supplementary Color Figures for "Direct-push Hydrostratigraphic Profiling: Coupling Electrical Logging and Slug Tests", by Stephen M. Sellwood, John M. Healey, Steffen Birk, and James J. Butler, Jr.
Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, v. 69, no. 3-4, 215-232, 2004
Direct-push geochemical profiling for assessment of inorganic chemical heterogeneity in aquifers, by M.K. Schulmeister, J.M. Healey, J.J. Butler, Jr., and G.W. McCall [Abstract]
Aquifer Characterization, SEPM Concepts in Hydrogeology and Environmental Geology Vol. 2, edited by J. S. Bridge, and D.W. Hyndman, SEPM, pp. 67-78, 2004
High-resolution stratigraphic characterization of unconsolidated deposits using direct-push electrical conductivity logging: A floodplain margin example, by M.K. Schulmeister, J.J. Butler, Jr., E.K. Franseen, D.A. Wysocki, and J.A. Doolittle [Abstract]
KGS Open-File Report 2004-44
The KGS Direct-Push Hydrostratigraphic Profiling Tool, by John M. Healey and Stephen M. Sellwood
Ground Water Monitoring and Remediation., v. 23, no. 3, pp. 52-62, 2003
Direct-push electrical conductivity logging for high-resolution hydrostratigraphic characterization, by M.K. Schulmeister, J.J. Butler, Jr., J.M. Healey, L. Zheng, D.A. Wysocki, and W. McCall [PDF online]
Ground Water, v. 40, no. 3, 303-308, 2002
A simple correction for slug tests in small-diameter wells, by J.J. Butler, Jr. [Abstract]
Ground Water, v. 40, no. 1, 25-36, 2002
Hydraulic tests with direct-push equipment, by J.J. Butler, Jr., J.M. Healey, G.W. McCall, E.J. Garnett, and S.P. Loheide II [Abstract]
Environmental & Engineering Geoscience, v. 8, no. 2, 75-84, 2002
A dual-tube direct-push method for vertical profiling of hydraulic conductivity in unconsolidated formations, by W. McCall, J.J. Butler, Jr., J.M. Healey, A.A. Lanier, S.M. Sellwood, and E.J. Garnett [Abstract]
KGS Open-File Report 2000-62
Direct-push hydraulic profiling in an unconsolidated alluvial aquifer, by James J. Butler, Jr., Alyssa A. Lanier, John M. Healey, Wesley McCall, and Elizabeth Garnett
KGS Open-File Report 99-40
Hydrostratigraphic Characterization of Unconsolidated Alluvial Deposits with Direct-Push Sensor Technology, by J. J. Butler, Jr., J.M. Healey, L. Zheng, W. McCall, and M. K. Schulmeister

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