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Franklin County Geology

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Table of Contents



Location and Area

Previous Work

Methods of Investigation




Pennsylvanian System--Missourian Stage

Kansas City Group-Linn Subgroup

Chanute Shale

Iola Limestone

Paola Limestone Member

Muncie Creek Shale Member

Raytown Limestone Member

Kansas City Group-Zarah Subgroup

Lane Shale

Wyandotte Limestone

Frisbie Limestone Member

Argentine Limestone Member

Island Creek Shale Member

Farley Limestone Member

Bonner Springs Shale

Lansing Group

Plattsburg Limestone

Merriam Limestone Member

Hickory Creek Shale Member

Spring Hill Limestone Member

Vilas Shale

Stanton Limestone

Captain Creek Limestone Member

Eudora Shale Member

Stoner Limestone Member

Rock Lake Shale Member

South Bend Limestone Member

Pedee Group

Weston Shale

Pennsylvanian System--Virgilian Stage

Douglas Group

Stranger Formation

Tonganoxie Sandstone Member

Westphalia Limestone Member

Vinland Shale Member

Haskell Limestone Member

Robbins Shale Member

Lawrence Shale

Ireland Sandstone Member

Upper part of Lawrence Shale

Shawnee Group

Oread Limestone

Toronto Limestone Member

Snyderville Shale Member

Leavenworth Limestone Member

Heebner Shale Member

Plattsmouth Limestone Member

Heumader Shale Member

Kereford Limestone Member

Kanwaka Shale

Jackson Park Shale Member

Clay Creek Limestone Member

Stull Shale Member

Lecompton Limestone

Spring Branch Limestone Member

Doniphan Shale Member

Neogene System

High-level stream deposits

Younger alluvium

Structural Geology

Regional Structure


Coal "Conglomerate"

Economic Geology

Ground water

Oil and gas

Limestone, sandstone, and gravel



Stratigraphic Sections



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