WinSeis WinSeis Turbo

WinSeis Turbo takes advantage of both new Windows features
and the increased processor speeds of newer computers.

We are now shipping WinSeis Turbo.
  • WinSeis Turbo processes at twice or greater the speed of WinSeis 1 for most operations. Filtering, for example, runs about 16 times faster due to a high performance FFT conversion algorithm and a 32-bit data format.
  • Automatic statics routine has been improved and memory limits have been removed.
  • Interval velocities are calculated during normal moveout.
  • Maximum number of samples and traces has been increased to 32,000.
  • WinSeis Turbo requires Windows95 or higher.
  • As of Fall 2003, printed manuals are no longer provided. PDF files are included in the Manual folder and each user is authorized to print a copy for his own use. (If you have a manual from WinSeis 1, it remains essentially unchanged except for installation instructions for WinSeis Turbo.)
  • WinSeis Turbo cannot be installed and run through a network. It is a one-license / one-machine software. We provide special software licenses for use in the classroom, but the software and licenses still must be installed to individual machines, not accessed from a server.
  • Our licensing process requires that the person installing WinSeis Turbo have administrative privileges on that computer.

Prices for WinSeis Turbo

New order for WinSeis Turbo

  • 1st copy--$1,300 + shipping and handling
  • 2nd copy*--$1,105 + shipping and handling
  • 3rd and additional copies--$940 + shipping and handling

Educational price

  • 1st copy--$1,105 + shipping and handling (15% off full price)
  • 2nd and additional copies*--$940 + shipping and handling
  • NOTE: Educational copies of WinSeis Turbo are not authorized for any commercial or consulting activities.

Classroom educational use (expires after six months)

  • Per machine--$50 + shipping and handling
  • Full-featured software. (The only difference from regular WinSeis Turbo is the time limitation.)
  • NOTE: Classroom copies of WinSeis Turbo are not authorized for any commercial or consulting activities.


Current licensed users need to exchange Program Disks 1 and 2 of their current WinSeis package for the new WinSeis Turbo software. Once your old disks and payment are received, your copy of WinSeis Turbo will be shipped. U.S. users will find shipping and handling rates below. International users, please contact us for shipping costs.

Upgrade from WinSeis 1 or 1.01 to WinSeis Turbo

  • $50 + shipping and handling (disks only**)

Upgrade from any version of Eavesdropper to WinSeis Turbo

  • $300 + shipping and handling


A copy of WinSeis Turbo may be rented for $300 plus shipping and handling. Rental period is for one month per one person/organization and may be renewed for a second month for an additional $300. At the end of the rental period, the software will cease to function. If you wish to purchase the software, the $300 or $600 rental fee will be applied to the purchase price, and you will receive new key disks without the time limitation.

Payment for all rental software MUST be received before the software is shipped. Rentals are nonrefundable.

  • $300 + shipping and handling, renewable once for an additional month.

*Multiple copy discounts apply to each customer separately and when all copies are purchased at the same time. Under no circumstances will purchases accumulate over time to qualify for the lower prices.

**The only change in WinSeis Turbo is the enhanced speed; the manual is unchanged. Therefore, please do not discard your manual when upgrading from WinSeis 1 to WinSeis Turbo.

Shipping and Handling

Shipping and handling costs will be:
Within the U.S.--Flat rate of $25
Outside the U.S.--Shipping costs + $15

Orders will normally be shipped within five business days from receipt of order. Please provide a street address; Federal Express can not deliver to postal box addresses. Within the U.S. orders will be sent Federal Express Standard Overnight (delivery next day p.m.). Federal Express Priority Overnight (next day by 10:30 a.m.) will be used only if specifically requested and the requesting customer agrees to pay for all extra shipping costs incurred (we can charge shipping to customer's FedEx account).

Orders to addresses outside the U.S. will be sent Federal Express International Priority if we have an address acceptable to Federal Express (no P.O. boxes). Shipping by U.S. Airmail may also be requested, and will be used for all P.O. box addresses.

You may contact us
by e-mail at
by phone 785-864-2176 or 785-864-3965
by fax 785-864-5317

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