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Frequently Asked Questions.

1) What is the difference between WinSeis Lite and WinSeis Turbo?

WinSeis Lite is a "lite" version of WinSeis Turbo. Go here for a table that shows what is contained in each program.

2) What are the data input limits for WinSeis Lite?

  • Number of traces per shot record = 24.
  • Number of samples per trace = 4096.

3) What are the data input limits for WinSeis Turbo?

There are no formal limitations. However, header-word numbers cannot exceed 32768 because of the header format limitation. This limitation affects the following parameters:

  • The total number of shots.
  • The number of samples per traces.
  • The number of traces per shot.
  • The Shot and Receiver station numbers.
  • The CMP #. This number is formed by the sum of the Shot and Receiver stations. If these stations are above 16001, for example, because you had line #16, then at some combination of station #s they would become greater than 32768 and be wrongly written into the header.

Wsort and Wseis have been tested in-house with huge data sets and they worked fine.

4) SORT worked with my test data, now I can't get it to work with my regular data.

The SORT command works, but only with very small data sets. To fix the problem will require major reprogramming of WinSeis, so that change will be made before we release WinSeis 2. To deal with the problem now we provide WSORT, a separate module, to finish the sorting.

Build your sort deck using WINSORT. Include only the commands necessary for sorting. When you have done that you then have the DEK file in the Command Editor window. Pull down the File... menu. One of the options is "Run WSORT." When you select this option, the sort is executed according to the parameters you have set.

5) Can two KGS-format files be copied together?

Yes, if you have several KGS files you can combine them into one file by using the dos COPY command as follows:

COPY file1.kgs /b + file2.kgs /b + .... + fileN.kgs /b = allFiles.kgs

where /b indicates 'binary'. And again, all of the above files need to have the same parameters (trace length, sampling interval, etc.).

Note: if the above input files had gone through SORT (they have geometry information into their headers) the header words 82, 83, 84, and 85 of the output file (allFiles.kgs) need to be updated. If this is not done, some processes (such as *AUTS) may fail to run because they use these words for memory allocation.

6) *AUTS command fails.

See note in FAQ #5

7) The message "Missing/corrupt wseis15.ini. Please reinstall" appears when I run the Display module. I just installed the software when I was there for the SurfSeis class. Is there an easy fix or should I really reinstall?

When you install WinSeis Turbo (or WinSeis Lite or SurfSeis, for that matter), this file is written to your Windows folder. Sometimes this file becomes corrupted or the program cannot find it. You can solve this problem by copying the file wseis15.ini (for WinSeis Turbo) or wseisL.ini (for WinSeis Lite) from one of your key disks to your Windows folder (or WinNT, or Win32, etc. depending on your Windows system). Doing so should resolve this problem.

8) I just installed WinSeis Turbo (or WinSeis Lite) from the CD and tried to run it. I get the message "Your license has expired. Do you want to register?" What do I do now?

Respond "yes" and follow the on-screen process. You should come to a window that has some numbers in red and information to contact Mary Brohammer. Put a key disk in your floppy drive and click the button on the lower left of that screen that says "Import from A:." This will cause two pieces of information to move from the key disk: 1) the file wseis15.ini (or wseisL.ini) and 2) the license, which allows the program to run. The program will not run without both of these pieces of information. If you do a directory of the key disk you can see the file wseisXX.ini on the diskette, but you cannot see the file that contains the license.

If you don't have a floppy drive, there is an alternative method for activating your copy of WinSeis Lite / WinSeis Turbo. Please contact Mary at for more information. Be sure to include your company information and your serial number. We cannot help you without these two pieces of information.

9) When I install I get the message "SS MODULE Error 201: Wrong Disk."

This is likely due to a conflict with your virus protection. Temporarily disable your antivirus protection and click "Import from A:" again. If you do not have an antivirus icon in your system tray you may have to contact your local IT person to access your protection for you. Be sure the antivirus is reactivated once you have moved the license.

IMPORTANT: If you try to move your license without turning off the antivirus protection you will likely deactivate the license. Whether this happens varies from machine to machine, but for users who have lost licenses, this is a very common explanation. If in doubt, DON'T--get help! It will save you headaches in the long run.

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