This conference will include a field trip on Tuesday, September 30th, followed by a day and a half of technical sessions with both oral and poster presentations on Wednesday and Thursday, October 1st and 2nd. The conference draws attendees from the Dakotas to Kentucky and Ohio to Arkansas, a region that has similar ground-water resource issues as Kansas but has some different aquifer systems and approaches to addressing the resource issues. This is a chance for the results of your project or research to be presented to and discussed with a broader collection of ground-water professionals.

The conference will include a special session on the High Plains aquifer.

Conference Events

  • Field trip, Sep. 30th--Water Resources of the Kansas River Alluvial Aquifer
  • Mixer, evening of Sep. 30th
  • Oral technical sessions, all day Oct. 1st, morning of Oct. 2nd--Keynote speaker: William Alley, former Chief, USGS Office of Groundwater
  • Poster presentations available during conference, discussion Oct. 1st
  • Vendor and agency exhibits during Oct. 1st and 2nd
  • Banquet, evening of Oct. 1st--Presentation "Induced Seismicity" by Rex Buchanan, KGS Acting Director

Latest Info

Please bring your presentations to the conference on a USB memory stick.

The Technical Program is now available.

The pre-registration deadline is September 1. Use these forms to register for the conference or sign up as a vendor or sponsor.

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