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Kansas Geological Survey, Open-file Report 2008-2

Field Trip 2: Fluvial-Estuarine Deposition in the Mid-Cretaceous Dakota Formation, Kansas and Nebraska

R. M. Joeckel, School of Natural Resources, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Greg A. Ludvigson, Kansas Geological Survey
P. Allen Macfarlane, Kansas Geological Survey
with a contribution by:
Darren R. Gröcke, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario

KGS Open File Report 2008-2

41st Annual North-Central Meeting
41st Annual South-Central Meeting
Geological Society of America

Cutbank exposures of the Soloman River near Salina. Photo by Fred J. Anderson, North Dakota Geological Survey

The complete text of this report is available as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file.

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Kansas Geological Survey, Geology
Placed online April 11, 2008
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