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Tri-state Mining Area

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Study of Stability Problems and Hazard Evaluation of the Kansas Portion of the Tri-state Mining Area

by J.R. McCauley, L.L. Brady, and F.W. Wilson

Originally prepared in 1983 for the U.S. Bureau of Mines; available as Kansas Geological Survey Open-file Report 83-2.


This report was prepared by the Kansas Geological Survey Environmental Geology and Geophysics Section, Lawrence, Kansas, under USBM Contract number J0100131. The contract was initiated under the Minerals Environmental Technology Research Program. It was administered under the technical direction of the Rolla Research Center with Waldemar M. Dressel acting as Technical Project Officer. Doyne W. Teets was the contract administrator for the Bureau of Mines. This report is a summary of the work recently completed as a part of this contract during the period September 19, 1980 to January 28, 1983. This report was submitted by the authors on January 28, 1983.

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Kansas Geological Survey, Tri-state Mining Area
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