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Late Paleozoic Pelecypods: Mytilacea

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Generic Status of Some Foreign Species of Mytilacea

The proper generic assignment of various species of the Mytilacea from the literature alone is made especially difficult because many critical characters of the hinge and shell microstructure are unknown for the majority of described species. Consequently, the following classification of the species described in a few of the classical monographs is probably accurate only in part. Some of the genera of Mytilacea are sufficiently distinctive as to be recognizable from external form alone. No pretense of completeness in the following list is made. It has been compiled chiefly to aid paleontologists to an understanding of my classification.

British Carboniferous Mytilacea

The species described by Hind (1896-1905), chiefly from the Lower Carboniferous are classified by me as follows:


Myalina verneuilii

Myalina peralata


Myalina redesdalensis

Myalina pernoides

Myalina flemingi

Myalina lamellosa

Myalina sublamellosa


Posidoniella elongata

Posidoniella pyriformis

Posidoniella variabilis


Modiola patula

Lithodomus lingualis

Lithodomus lithodomoides


Modiola megaloba

Modiola transversa

Modiola emaciata

Modiola macadamii

Modiola lata


Lithodomus carbonarius

Modiola jenkinsi


Modiola ligonula

Carboniferous Mytilacea from the Donetz Basin, U. S. S. R.

Fedotov's monograph (1932) on the Donetz Basin pelecypods includes a number of species of Mytilacea. Fedotov unfortunately has employed the names of American species for a large proportion of his pelecypods. His identifications suggest a precise understanding of the characters of American species. Until restudied in the light of modern concepts and techniques a great host of forms described in the early days cannot be understood from the literature alone.


Myalina ampla


Myalina monroensis


Myalina aff. aviculoides

Myalina perattenuata

Myalina verneuilii Myalina sp.


Myalina cf. elongata


Myalina swallovi


Modiola cf. illinoiensis


Lithophagus cf. batesvillensis

Upper Carboniferous and Lower Permian, North China

Chao's report (1927) on the Taiyuan formation includes two species. I would classify them as follows:


Myalina swallowi (pl. 1, figs. 29, 30)


Myalina swallowi (pl. 1, fig. 31)

Upper Carboniferous, U. S. S. R.

Stuckenberg (1898, 1905) has described the following Mytilacea:


Modiola gigantea


Sanguinolites sp.

Permian, Salt Range, India

Waagen's (1881) report on the Permian pelecypods of the Salt Range includes the following:


Lithodomina typica

Lithodomina abbreviata


Atomodesma indicum


Liebea hausmanni

Liebea indica


Lithodomus atavus


Modiola transparens


Mytilus patriarchalis


Septifer squama

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