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Late Paleozoic Pelecypods: Mytilacea

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Preface by Raymond C. Moore


Summary of results




Habits and habitats

Evolutionary trends

Shell morphology

Glossary of shell terms



Shell structure

Systematic paleontology

The earliest Mytilacea

Superfamily mytilacea

Family Mytilidae

Genus Mytilus Linnaeus

Genus Volsella Scopoli

Differentiation in Paleozoic Mytilidae

Genus Promytilus Newell, n. gen.

Promytilus swallovi (McChesney)

Promytilus annosus annosus Newell, n. sp. and n. var.

Promytilus annosus senex Newell, n. sp. and n. var.

Promytilus priscus Newell, n. sp.

Promytilus vetulus Newell, n. sp.

Genus Volsellina, Newell, n. gen.

Volsellina subelliptica Meek

Genus Lithophaga Bolten

Lithophaga subelliptica Sayre

Genus Lithodomina Waagen

Family Myalinidae Frech, emend. Newell

Genus Myalina De Koninck

Subgenus Myalina s. s.

Myalina (Myalina) copha Newell, n. sp.

Myalina (Myalina) lepta Newell, n. sp.

Myalina (Myalina) wyomingensis (Lea)

Myalina (Myalina) wyomingensis var. thomasi Newell, n. var.

Myalina (Myalina) arbala Newell, n. sp.

Myalina (Myalina) glossoidea Newell, n. sp.

Myalina (Myalina) aviculoides Meek and Hayden

Myalina (Myalina) miopetina Newell, n. sp.

Myalina (Myalina) petina Newell, n. sp.

Myalina (Myalina) pliopetina Newell, n. sp.

Myalina (Myalina) copei Whitfield

Myalina (Myalina) sinuata Branson

Subgenus Orthomyalina Newell, n. subgen.

Myalina (Othomyalina) slocomi Sayre

Myalina (Orthomyalina) parvula Newell, n. var.

Myalina (Orthomyalina) ampla Meek and Hayden

Myalina (Orthomyalina) subquadrata Shumard

Subgenus Myalinella Newell, n. subgen.

Myalina (Myalinella) meeki Danbar

Myalina (Myalinella) cuneiformis Gurley

Myalina (Myalinella) acutirostris Newell and Burma

Genus Selenimyalina Newell, n. gen.

Selenimyalina meliniformis (Meek and Worthen)

Selenimyalina dotti Newell, n. sp.

Selenimyalina quadrata Newell, n. sp.

Genus Septimyalina Newell, n. gen.

Septimyalina perattenuata (Meek and Hayden)

Septimyalina orthonota (Mather)

Septimyalina burmai Newell, n. sp.

Septimyalina orbiculata Newell, n. sp.

Septimyalina scitula Newell, n. sp.

Septimyalina quadrangularis Newell, n. sp.

Septimyalina sinuosa (Morningstar)

Genus Naiadites Dawson

Naiadites carbonarius Dawson

Naiadites ohioensis Morningstar

Genus Liebea Waagen

Genus Atomodesma Beyrich

Genus Maitaia Marwick

Genus Aphanaia De Koninck

Generic status of some foreign species of Mytilacea



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