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Dakota and Kiowa Formations

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Table 3

Table 3--Data from standard physical tests of samples from calcareous sandstone in central Kansas. (Data furnished by the Corps of Engineers, War Department, Kansas City, Missouri)

County Location Type of
Specific Gravity Absorption,
and Thaw,
5 cycles,
percent loss
5 cycles,
percent loss
Apparent Bulk Bulk
Los Angeles,
percent loss
6128Lincoln6-12-7WLedge rock2.682.642.650.670.00  2.54115.81
98192Lincoln6-12-7WCrushed rock2.672.622.640.62   2.54115.71
98203Lincoln6-12-7WCrushed rock2.662.612.630.56   3.18112.51
9819-98204Lincoln  2.672.612.630.731.211.145.0  
247709Lincoln6-12-7W     0.011,5    
247710Lincoln6-12-7W        2.72114.71
247711Lincoln6-12-7W 2.651  0.801     
247715LincoInNE 12-12-8WLedge rock    0.06    
247717LincoInNE 12-12-8WLedge rock2.65  0.40     
247716LincoInNE 12-12-8WLedge rock       5.097.8
23934LincoInNE 12-12-8WLedge rock2.662.632.640.30.230.6146.2  
11562LincoInNE 7-12-10WLedge rock2.672.612.630.760.00.0 1.7223.2
21679LincoInNE 7-12-10WCrushed rock2.682.622.650.  
23997LincoInNE 7-12-10W 2.652.602.620.680.040.2637.72.2717.6
27423LincoInNE 7-12-10WCrushed rock2.652.562.601.30.322.4546.3  
4868116,7LincoInNE 7-12-10WLedge rock 2.5582.5891.21.510 60.0  
4868216,11LincoInNE 7-12-10WLedge rock 2.5682.5991.30.610 63.5  
4868316,12LincoInNE 7-12-10WLedge rock 2.6282.6490.80.310 38.7  
4868416,13LincoInNE 7-12-10WLedge rock 2.6182.5990.90.510 35.7  
5446716LincoInNE 7-12-10WCrushed rock      41.5  
5448616LincoInNE 7-12-10WCrushed rock      43.0  
5456416LincoInNE 7-12-10WCrushed rock      27.214  
5456216LincoInNE 7-12-10WCrushed rock      27.1144.449.0
8973EllsworthE 19-16-6WLedge rock2.692.652.660.570.06  2.27117.6
12018EllsworthE 19-16-6WCrushed rock2.702.662.680.44 1.747.4  
18428EllsworthE 19-16-6WLedge rock2.692.672.680.30.20.455.9618.811,14 
18428EllsworthE 19-16-6WCrushed rock2.692.672.680.30.271.5660.413.621,14 
50211EllsworthE 19-16-6W       48.516  
54494EllsworthE 19-16-6W       32.816  
15220 (K- 1)EllsworthE 19-16-6W 2.672.612.630.810.93.8176.1  
1270915     2.660.833.533.6   
1. By Kansas City Testing Lab., Inc.9. Reported as "saturated."
2. Sizes No. 4 to 1 1/2 inches.10. 25 cycles.
3. Sizes 1 1/2 to 3 inches.11. Sample from top 12 feet in NW corner of proposed quarry.
4. Samples 9819 and 9820 combined.12. Sample from top 16 feet in SE corner of proposed quarry.
5. 25 cycles, loss 1.67 percent.13. Sample from top 20 feet in NE corner of proposed quarry.
6. No spalling or disintegration in 25 cycles but 20 percent of pieces split in two.14. A.S.T.M. method D-289-42T, with abrasive charge.
7. Sample from 40-foot face at SW edge of proposed quarry.15. Crushed to sand size.
8. Reported as "dry."16. By Kansas State Highway Commission Laboratory.

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Kansas Geological Survey, Geology
Placed on web June 14, 2007; originally published Nov. 1947.
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