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Kansas Geological Survey, Bulletin 70, Part 3, originally published in 1947 || Back to Report...

Fig. 2--Generalized north-south cross section through the Pleistocene deposits in eastern Norton County, Kansas. Based on logs of test holes drilled by the Geological Survey and on surface data. The relation of the Sanborn formation to the Cretaceous and Pliocene bedrock is shown. Name in parentheses shows tentative correlation with Nebraska classification. Ratio of vertical to horizontal scale is 100 to 1, and in the reduced cross section below, it is 20 to 1.

cross section; Ogallala thickest at Graham-Norton border, south of Prairie Dog Creek; Sanborn thickest in North Fork Solomon River valley and Prairie Dog Creek valley.

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Placed on web June 8, 2007; originally published in 1947.
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