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Lophphllid Corals

Plate 8--All figures 3 times natural size. A higher-resolution PDF version is available.

Fig. 1, Lophophyllidium magnificum, n. sp., from the Lower Boggy shale at NW sec. 22, T. 2 S., R. 7 E., southeast of Ada, Oklahoma.--1, View of a typical specimen showing well-developed groove pattern and conical shape (Univ. Kansas no. 175-21g).

Fig. 2, Lophophyllidium proliferum (McChesney), from the beds over coal no. 8 Trivoli cyclothem, near Springfield, Illinois.--2, Side view of a complete specimen showing the curvature and well-developed grooves and ridges (Ill. State Mus. no. W4064).

Fig. 3, Lophophyllidium girtyi, n. sp., from the Wewoka formation, 1300 feet north of the SW cor. sec. 4, T. 3 N., R. 7 E., Oklahoma.--3, View of the cardinal side of a typical specimen with prominent septal grooves, wrinkles and short spines (Univ. Kansas no. 84-21d).

Fig. 4, Lophophyllidium profundum (Edwards and Haime)?, questionably from the Lower Mercer limestone of northeastern Muskingum county, Ohio.--4, Side view of a slightly crushed specimen (Ohio State Univ. no. 17850).

Fig. 5, Lophophyllidium radiatum, n. sp., from the Checkerboard limestone at the shale pit, northwest part of Coffeyville, Kansas.--5, A side view of a medium-sized specimen showing the slight curvature and distinct grooves and ridges (Univ. Kansas no. 1164-21f).

Fig. 6, Lophophyllidium compressum, n. sp., from the Millsap Lake Group, 3.5 miles east of Rochelle, Texas.--6, Side view of a typical specimen (Univ. Kansas no. 7208-21c).

Fig. 7, Lophophyllidium murale, n. sp., from the Memorial shale, at center south road, sec. 2, T. 33 S., R. 13 E., Montgomery County, Kansas.--7, A side view of a specimen with numerous wrinkles and radicles (Univ. Kansas no. 2615-21d).

Black and white drawings of 7 species of Lophopyllidium, exterior views

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Placed on web September 2005; originally published November 30, 1942.
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