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Lophphllid Corals

Plate 7--All figures 3 times natural size. In each transverse section the counter septum is placed at the top. A larger PDF version is available.

Lophophyllidium distinctum, n. sp., shale in middle Altamont limestone, Marmaton group, Des Moines series, Pennsylvanian, from middle north side sec. 7, T. 34 S., R. 17 E., Montgomery County, Kansas.

1a-d—Type specimen (Univ. Kansas no. 5210-21a). a, Longitudinal section. b-d, Transverse sections.

Lophophyllidium minutum, n. sp., Morrow age, Pennsylvanian.

2a-c—Specimen from Wapanucka limestone, Coal Creek, sec. 15, T. 1 N., R. 7 E., Oklahoma (Univ. Kansas no. 2747-21a). a, Longitudinal section. b, c, Transverse section.
3a-b—Type specimen (Univ. Kansas no. 7385-21c) from east side dam at Greenleaf Lake, southwest of Bragg, Oklahoma. a, Longitudinal section. b, Transverse section.
4—Transverse section of specimen (Univ. Kansas no. 3342-21a) from the Otterville limestone, north of Berwyn, Oklahoma.

Lophophyllidium sp. A, Frensley limestone, of Lampasas age, Pennsylvanian, from Murray State Park, southeast of Ardmore, Oklahoma.

5a-d—Specimen (Univ. Kansas no. 6808-21b). a, Longitudinal section, b-d, Transverse sections.
6—Transverse section of specimen (Univ. Kansas no. 6808-21c). Lophophyllidium girtyi, n. sp., Wewoka formation, Des Moines series, Pennsylvanian, Oklahoma.
7a-d—Specimen (Univ. Kansas no. 84-21b) from 1300 feet north of SW cor. sec. 4, T. 3 S., R. 7 E., Oklahoma. a, Longitudinal section, b-d, Transverse sections.
8a-c—Transverse sections of the type specimen (Univ. Kansas no. 2289-21b) from lower shale in Wewoka formation, 0.25 miles north and 200 feet east of Lovelady School, SW sec. 4, T. 3 S., R. 7 E., Oklahoma.

black and white drawings of transverse and cross sections of corals

Kansas Geological Survey, Geology
Placed on web September 2005; originally published November 30, 1942.
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